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  About company
         About company

    «100 il Qarant» ” Ltd. was founded in 2004 by I. T. Gaziyev. The aim of the company is to be on the top, to deserve reliable, responsible and respectful image.
    Gaziyev Ingilab Turab oglu was born in 1961. In 1981-1987 he studied at the University of Construction and Engineering on specialization of engineer-constructor.
    Gaziyev worked as chief engineer in construction and commissioning of 30 multistory buildings in Baku.
    «100 il Qarant» Ltd is engaged in construction of multistory offices and buildings, 2-3 storey villas and cottages, entertainment centers. Staff of the company consists of high qualified engineers, experienced technical workers that approach to a person with respect. Team work and responsibility are core factors for the company’s staff.

      «100 il Qarant» Ltd:
    For clients-happy and careless life;
    For partners-fair income from investments;
     For employees- getting pleasure from work and being opportunistic;
    For society-fair business and preservation of environment.

    The staff of the company base on the following ideas and acknowledge that the company can succeed only if the client is satisfied.

    Preserve the image and to be perfect;
    To get economic growth with honor;
    Preserve ancient and modern architecture;
    Observe ethical norms proper to humanity;
    Respect the person and honor;
    Preserve national moral values of Azerbaijan;
    To contribute to the tranquil existence of humanity.

We approach to the people as to ourselves!
We always learn!

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